GIS Machines

At Red Earth Geospatial we create a sturdy GIS Machine and build up to meet our clients high demands. See our GIS Machine descriptions below.

The GIS Server

Made to stay on, for a really long time, and created to ensure that your downtime is less than 2 minutes to swap out a SSD. Loads of cooling and energy efficient with backup power so if you missed your electrical bill payment, you have a few hours to get it caught up. This tower server is so good we are looking at updated rackmount servers to be available in Winter 2018 / 2019.

GIS Peripherals

We have loads of other fun stuff from the more serious GIS professional to the just getting to know how to spell geospatial students. If you are running one, two or loads of machines, we have KVM's, Duplicators, Monitors, Keyboards, Mice, UPS, Network stuff like Routers, Switches and other things to connect one thing to another.

The Super User
GIS Machine

This machine works well with GIS Professionals who are always on. It is built to last and last, with loads of power to drive massive dual monitors, ice cubes to cool the processors based on big data number crunching and components to make this machine last for years. Spatial analysis,spatial queries, ETL's, programming & development, table joins and exports while still using the graphics for 3D rendering has made this a favourite among many geo-geeks!

The Everyday
GIS Machine

A machine for the office environment… developed for those who wish to be a GIS Super User but only use GIS as a tool. This machine takes into account the MS Office Suite and other office applications and pumps it up a bit for the use of added applications as ArcGIS, SmallWorld, MapINFO, AutoCAD MAP, and takes into consideration, other applications that are a little more intensive for processing. These machines look may look meek, but your office mate will be wondering why you get to leave on time because you finished your work on time that day.

The Basic
GIS Machine

Similar to the Everyday GIS Machine, a stand alone GIS Machine developed for only GIS work, not other office applications. It is meant to be used for a GIS Station where the machine is used by multiple users at multiple times, and the GIS is being used as a tool. This machine is built as a lightweight machine in order to keep the cost down and the GIS up an running. It still is a good machine for access to maps and other geographical stuff.


Modeling Professional Excellence

We complete a thorough analysis of your business' strengths and development areas to help you detemine how GIS and Spatial Data can be leveraged.

By resolving questions through clarity, we enable evidence based business decisions to create optimal solutions for your business